Ep. 11 2018 - Melinda Benstead

In today’s episode of the Busy Mum Podcast I speak with Min Benstead.  Min is health and well-being coach.  She is also a recipe developer and hosts events around health and well-ness.  Min has a business with a friend, Thea, called The Kitchen Whizz, which helps women get back into the Kitchen. I found Min’s life really interesting and relaxing. She has come from a corporate role in now her own business and spends quality time with her family which wasn’t entirely achieved when working in the corporate world. 

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Ep. 10 2018 - Faye Hollands

In today's episode I speak with Faye Hollands from Busy Business Women and Outshine Consulting. Faye is a mum, a wife and a business lady. Did you know that only 3% of businesses survive past 5 years and Faye is now celebrating her 11th year?

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Ep. 9 2018 - Amanda Bernstein

In this episode of the busy mum podcast I speak with Amanda Bernstein.  Amanda is married with two boys.  Amanda is also qualified Doula (for birth and postpartum) and runs two businesses, essential me and Pilates with purposes.  With her Pilates business she has a number of instructors that come to you and teach you Pilates, yoga or even personal training.  Warning, we do talk about birthing stories in this episode and you will get to know us a little more through these discussions.

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Ep. 7 2018 - Alana Joynes

In this episode I speak with Alana who is the social media expert at Xpozur. Xpozur is her own business and was founded with her partner. Alana has 3 kids under 6 years old and works until midnight most nights. We talk about everything from social media and #hashtags to our birthing stories and how we see our families in the future.

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Ep. 6 2018 - Alison Rentoul

In this episode I speak with Alison Rentoul of Aquamarine Home. Her business is little bit different to other homewares businesses in that she has source all products from ethical and sustainable backgrounds and she also gives back. Buy 1 Give 1. Alison doesn’t have any human babies however she has two fur babies and cares for her mum who has Parkinsons disease.

Ep. 5 2018 - Vanouhi Nazarian

On this episode of the Busy Mum Podcast I speak with Vanouhi.  It was the first podcast recorded as a video so the interview is a little bit different than the past interviews. 

Vanouhi is a business women and academic lady.  During her Uni degree she came up with a business idea which she had to research and test to prove it was a good idea… it was and once the project was finished she had a fully fledged business called Kindershare.  Kindershare is a little like Airbnb where you can rent out your baby items to people in your area when you are not using them.  We also speak about social media.

Lets dive in.

Ep. 4 2018 - Haez Kim

In this episode I chat with Haez.  Haez is a very busy mum who works in her business fulltime, K & T Legal.  K & T Legal specialise in Immigration law and property law.  We speak in depth about immigration and what’s involved.  Haez has an almost 6-year-old Son which also keeps her busy when she is not working.  Let’s dive in!

Ep. 3 2018 - Rachel Allan

In todays episode I speak with Rachel Allan from Visionary.  Visionary assists smaller business with putting together marketing plans and also with the very important parts, implementation, accountability and support.  It’s a very tailored service for the business at hand.  Rachel has also written a book When Business meets baby, Lets dive in…

Ep. 2 2018 - Melanie Warman

On this week’s episode of The Busy Mum Podcast I interview Mel from Boobs on the run and Kids on the run.  Mel currently has 9 locations across Sydney and is looking for a run leader for the North Shore in Sydney.  Mel has raised over $70,000 for breast cancer research after losing her mum over 10 years ago to breast cancer.

Ep. 1 2018 - Allison Greenland

In this podcast episode I chat with Allison Greenland. Allison is a friend of mine who has nearly finished her PDH in technology and education and has started a business, Leap into Literacy 3 years ago. We talk about her life, how she started the business and not to forget, Naplan which kids across the country have just completed.

Past Ep. 3 2015 - Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer is married mum of 2 boys, 11 months and 2.5 years. She is a working mum, currently working 3 days a week as a dietitian at the children’s hospital, she does private practice once a month at a children’s clinic in Bondi and has just started a business, working as an Independent consultant for Arbonne International, a health and wellness company which she does in her spare time. She is also aiming to complete my PhD on nutrition in children with cancer this year.