Ep. 28 2018 - Mia Klitsas - Moxie Box

Ep. 28 2018 - Mia Klitsas - Moxie Box

In this special edition of the Busy Mum Podcast, I speak with Mia of Moxie Box. Mia has been in business for over 13 years and her story is a pretty interesting one. Let’s dive in!

The Gorgeous Mia from Moxie Box & The Brand Maketh

The Gorgeous Mia from Moxie Box & The Brand Maketh

Tell me a little about yourself and how you got into your business.

Mia is the co-founder of Moxie.  She has had her business for 13 years now.  Mia was interning at a big multi-national and had an idea together with her boss at the time about putting tampons in small cool tins to stop them from rolling around in her hand bag.  From there they worked up a brand and a product.

Moxie for Mia and the team means - determination, courage and spunk in the face of adversity!

…and that’s how Mia felt going into business and a young women.


The second accidental business she had is called The Brand Maketh.  This business helps establish, revive and commercialise new and existing brands. 


The Moxie Box - just one example, you can choose 5 items to include in your own Moxie box.

The Moxie Box - just one example, you can choose 5 items to include in your own Moxie box.

What was the turning point in your business or is this still to come?

Mia told me that getting the Moxie tampon tins into Woolworths was a huge turning point for Moxie.  Their other distribution plan with Coles and Priceline then fell into place quite quickly once this happened..

The other major turning point was the Global Financial Crisis, they were exporting Moxie to the UK. About 6 months after the GFC hit, their business started to pick up traction again and they could all breathe a little again.

 What is one lesson you have learnt by being in business (there are many) ?

  • Don’t be afraid of failure

  • Be flexible

  • Business comes in peaks and toughs, it means you are alive!

What tips would you give a new person going into business today

Through-out this interview there were a few great tips that you can take away:

  • Reach out to people inside and outside of the industry, people are generally giving with their time and experiences

  • Find people that will support you, find your Tribe

  • Look beyond the launch, future plans

  • What is the best use of your time

  • Do your top 1 first – meaning, do the thing that will really push the business forward first.

  • Have great relationships with your suppliers

What marketing strategy have could new businesses used?

Online is really good as you can determine within 24 hours if it is working or not.

What apps are you using and can’t live without in your business?

At the moment, Mia’s team has just started using Monday.com and they use Slack as well.  Almost any task management base app can be good for business.

What is your greatest fear and how do you overcome it.

That Moxie wouldn’t survive in some form or another whether Mia continues to run it or if it is sold.

Who are you star struck by?

Mia is not star struct by the ‘bigger’ celebrities, it is the youngsters in their bedrooms creating amazing things for the world.



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