Ep. 36 2018 - Kiley Baker Mother Lover Woman Warrior

Ep. 36 2018 - Kiley Baker Mother Lover Woman Warrior

In this episode of the busy mum podcast I speak with Kiley who is a marital arts expert, she is a solo parent to 3 children and has also written a book called, Mother Love Woman Warrior. Let's dive in!

My name is Kiley Baker, and I'm just me. A single mum of 3 gorgeously challenging children, doing my best to manage them, the house, and my business. I have a Martial Arts School (called a dojo ) which I run full time and I am also an author of my self published book called 'Mother Lover Woman Warrior' which Im really proud of.  I work crazy hours (sometimes It feels like I always work) but I do love it so wouldn't have it any other way. 

A day in the life for me is getting the kids off to school then me to the dojo. I have a few mornings where I have PT clients, or morning clients, and then I'm in the office. Running a small business can mean my daytime can be filled with a variety of jobs. They can be as diverse as advertising, keeping up our social media profile (a necessity for small business these days I believe) bookkeeping, emails, or you know....vacuuming the floor (again) and cleaning the toilets (gross but has to be done) ! Somehow , usually on a Tuesday, i need to find time to do the grocery shopping and then it's time for school pickup. A quick but healthy dinner for the kids ensues before we head off back to the dojo for night classes as this is when my business really operates. Most day's sees me finish for the night by 8.30pm but I have one late day that doesn't finish till 10pm. Kids have an area at the dojo where they can hang out, do homework, shower etc and get ready to go home, but most nights they don't do much hanging out as they are usually training either here...or at gymnastics which fortunately is an adjacent factory building they can walk across to whilst I'm teaching.  

I don't really have any life hacks...but meals for us are what I like to say are Asian inspired which is lots of little dishes that the kids can help themselves to. This means less preparation and less fiddly than big complicated meals that I don't have time for during the week. Plus...they seem to like being able to choose what goes on their plates....and they like eating this way. My only sneaky thing I have discovered is on my late night when I don't have the kids (they go to their dads this night after their training) is You Foods ! I discovered them by accident at my Local IGA and they are fantastic !  Flaming Chicken and the Teriyaki Beef with Tokyo Potatoes are my fave  :-) Healthy and Delicious , not frozen, and $10 a pop makes them an easy choice for me when I'm tired and eating dinner at 11 pm. 

The best advice I was ever given was by someone smart who I looked up to. They told me that the things I do in life should enhance my life, and if they didn't, not to do them. At the time, they were speaking specifically about Martial Arts Training , but it holds true for most of our lives. We have more choice than we somehow give ourselves credit for, and we often fall into the trap of thinking we are stuck...but in reality, we always have a choice. We don't have a choice regarding the consequences of our choices always, but we do get to choose which decisions we make in life.  It's often easy to forget this. 

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I'm not really a TV fan...and for two years we actually didn't have a TV at all (which was actually great) so I guess I spend my down time either on social media (shame shame) but I do like to watch movies. I also have a pile of books that I want to read ....and I do mean a literal pile and I am slowly making my way though them. 

Grit - Angela Duckworth

12 rules of life - Julian Peterson

Zen in the art of archery

My go To dinner as I mentioned above is quick and healthy meals. We usually have some kind of meat (discovered really great and inexpensive meat at Aldi recently) and then a few different selections for kids to choose from such as cooked potatoes, beans and tomato mix, salad.......things like that. 

The kids do love a bit of Tuna Pasta Tuesday too !! 

The area of life that I would like to improve on is me taking more down time - and slowing down with the kids. We always seem to be in a rush...and my mind is always going at 100 miles an hour. I need to not feel guilty when I sleep in and have PJ's day and don't work through a list of things that need to get done. Yep...I need to learn to slow down. 

My greatest fear in life is that I am not good enough. I know that this isn't true and It's a them in my book...but knowing and accepting are two different things. I think it's why i push so hard to achieve. I guess it's a double edged sword so to speak. 

Loving Mathew Hussey's emails at the moment and his YouTube videos. I'm not a fan of the sell to the programs...but he gives away a lot of great content and at the moment it's stuff I really need to hear. 

Advice to my pre-baby self would be that nothing's perfect and things will be the way they are meant to be. Slow down and enjoy your time. It goes fast. 

My most useful baby item would have definitely been my Hug-a-Bug's. I had multiple as I loved them so much ! I used to teach classes with my babies strapped ;to my chest...and they were all terrible sleepers so more often than not they slept in there as I moved about doing this and that. Life Saver ! 

Not sure I had any useless baby items......But those climb through tunnels with lights and sounds barely got a look in ! Thank goodness they were a gift and I didn't buy them ! 

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