Ep. 37 2018 - Kylie Ostle Mum Society

Ep. 37 2018 - Kylie Ostle Mum Society

In this weeks episode of the busy mum podcast, I speak with the energetic Kylie O of Mum Society.

Tell me about yourself.

Mum to 3 girls, 6, 3 & 1 (Isla, Frankie & Sadie) and wife to a wonderfully supportive Art Director Ryan.

Describe for us, a day in the life of you.  Do you have any tips or life hacks?

Life is pretty chaotic at the moment, the school run, two days of long day care and squishing in as much work as I can for Mum Society. I am big on every kind of hack possible. We always dress the girls in their daycare clothes under their PJ’s to take the pressure off in the morning, dinner is the first thing I sort in the morning and I batch cook so that I can pay it forward with a meal or have an easy meal ready to go. I am not sure what I would do without my slow cooker!! We have also sold our house and we are in the process of building so things are bonkers!

MS_SIG (1).jpg

What was the best advice you have received?

Inside out back the front sleep sack! Tresilian is not to be feared but to be embraced and to cast your net wide with friends on Maternity Leave because sleep schedules hardly align and that getting out of the house is the most important thing for your wellbeing!

What books are you currently reading or do you have a fave Netflix or Stan show?

I haven’t ready a book in ages and was always an avid reader. My new switch off meditation method is to watch Netflix with subtitles. I really enjoyed the series Blended.  The subtitles mean you can’t do anything else at the same time. There’s no proof that I watched Backstage or The Academy (and as an ex dancer, thoroughly enjoyed them) This week I switched off to Barefoot and really adored it.

If you cook, what recipes can you share or meal prep tips?

I do all of our cooking and we eat a wide variety of foods! Generally, I try to meal plan based on seasonal produce keeping our grocery bill really affordable. I shop at ALDI for most groceries, meat in bulk at our local butcher and fruit and vegetables from our local green grocer.

Always have fruit and veg for snacking, the kids often eat frozen peas as I am finishing off dinner prep.

What one area of your life would you like to improve?

Time for me definitely needs some focus and I would love to read again.

What’s your greatest fear and how do you deal with it?

Failing. I encourage my girls to fail all the time and yet for me, failure isn’t an option!  

Quick Questions

What website have you signed up to that you actually find value in receiving their emails

No, I founded Botany Bay Mums Group on FaceBook and I love Baby Mac and Steph Potanger

What’s one piece of advice you would give your pre baby self?

The birth is irrelevant in comparison to becoming a parent.

What’s the most useful / useless baby item you have?

Useful - Baby Bjorn travel cot. Stokke High Chairs



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