Ep. 39 2018 - Long Lashes with Bell & Felecia

Ep. 39 2018 - Long Lashes with Bell & Felecia

In this episode I speak with the duo, Belinda and Feleica of Long Lashes. These best friends have created a business which helps you grow your lashes.

How do you define yourself and what you do in your business (if you have one) and your family life?

It’s hectic – with 5 children between us Felecia and I have pretty defined roles in the business – sales and marketing essentially. Everything has to fit in with our family as both our husbands are CEO’s and run business’s so is up to us to do the Mum juggle to have everything running smoothly.

Describe for us, a day in the life of you.  Do you have any tips or life hacks?

Get up early – usually with a TEXT from Felecia who never stops working – hussle kids off to school and we then try and meet for an hour class at the gym followed by about 3 hours in the café afterwards – most days we work together until 2.30 ish and then do the after school activities checking emails in between and night time is packing wholesale orders for me – and Felecia packs the online orders – then its more email checking – half a dozen phone calls and text messages and then repeat ! Life hack would be -  get as organized as you can of a night – I prepack all lunches – get uniforms out and even breakfast bowls so the morning runs smoothly

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What was the best advice you have received?

Don’t expect to be able to do everything yourself – no one is good at everything – accounts / sales / marketing – work to your strengths and employ someone to do what you don’t like or aren’t good at.

Where do you go to get your entertainment? E.g. Netflix, Books, Podcasts, YouTube, and what are your fave’s.

Netflix of a night if we get time to watch TV and lately Podcasts – both our husband are huge podcast lovers and they are winning us over with how educational and sometimes entertaining they can be.

What is your go to dinner!

Chicken schnitzel – my Mum makes both Felecia and I these amazing gluten free schnitzel and they are so quick and easy to cook and all our family love them.

What one area of your life would you like to improve?

Probably our fitness – we used to be walking buddies – around the lake 9km once or twice a week …now we struggle to get it done as we are always having laptop dates.

What’s your greatest fear and how do you deal with it?

BEL : mine is growing too fast and not being able to keep up with demand as we have grown so fast its always a juggle with stock and cashflow!

Flea :  That the business will consume our entire lives and we won’t have any time left for our families.

Quick Questions

What website have you signed up to that you actually find value in receiving their emails: 

Professional Beauty – it keeps us abreast of the latest beauty trends

What’s one piece of advice you would give your pre baby self

Don’t try to be the perfect – wife / mum / friend / business owner – it doesn’t exist – just do your best

What’s the most useful / useless baby item you have?

Most useful was the old fashion bouncer! – Useless – 20 pairs of new born baby shoes I purchased for my son.  Lets face it, they don’t need shoes!!

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