Ep. 2 2018 - Melanie Warman

Ep. 2 2018 - Melanie Warman

The Busy Mum Podcast - Episode 2 with Melanie Warman, Boobs on the run

On this week’s episode of The Busy Mum Podcast I interview Mel from Boobs on the run and Kids on the run.  Mel currently has 9 locations across Sydney and is looking for a run leader for the North Shore in Sydney.  Mel has raised over $70,000 for breast cancer research after losing her mum over 10 years ago to breast cancer.

Tell me a little about yourself?

I’m Mel Warman and I am 40 and have a little man called Henry who is 5.

I am also the owner of Boobs on the Run and Kids on the Run which takes up a lot of my time and energy.

Boobs on the Run is a women’s only run group and we transform women’s lives and they learn to run a the same time.  We also raise much needed awareness and funds for breast cancer research.



Kids on the Run is about teaching grass roots running to 5 – 12-year-olds in a non-competitive, inclusive environment.  In all our programs we run as a team, so there is no fastest or first.



What does your typical day look like?

Mornings are pretty easy going.  My son Henry has just started school this year, so we hang out then walk to school.

It’s then down to work… as a small business owner I am the book keeper, the marketeer, the Run Leaders and the Admin person, but the passion I have for my business keeps me going.

I can try and take out at least one hour a day to just relax, meditate, go for a walk, or read.

What’s the best advice you have received?

You can’t do everything yourself… otherwise you are going to burn out.

What books / shows are you currently reading.

I am currently reading Liane Moriarty’s Truly, madly guilty.  I love the way she writes, and you can always expect a complete pet twist in it!

I absolutely love watching food shows, so the Food Network is my favourite channel to browse.  I think I fancy myself as a bit of a chef and love to cook, but it’s not always as good as my husband will attest to.

If you cook, what recipes can you share / meal prep tips

I do love to cook, and my most favourite food is San Choy Bau… so easy to make …. I cheat and use the Marion’s Kitchen.  Even my 5-year-old will eat it!

In terms of meal proper… I write a meal plan every Saturday after I have received my fruit and veg box as I never know what I will be getting.  I hate wasting food so try to use everything.

What one area of your life would you like to improve?

I would love to sleep more!  I think being a parent, looking after the home and running businesses really takes it out of you!

What is the one thing you do each day (like a hack) that makes your life run smoother?

My husband and I have a shared calendar, so we know where we need to be or need to be home at a certain time to look after our son.  I work very early mornings and evening, so we have to ensure that we know our schedules for the week.

Readdle app - https://readdle.com/

Quick Questions

What website have you signed up to that you actually find value in receiving their emails?

Work wise, it will have to be Kate Toon’s SEO series.  I went to one of her workshops this week and took away a huge action list, but she teaches without trying to sell you yet another workshop!

Kate Toon - https://www.katetooncopywriter.com.au/seo/ 

On a personal level, I tend to use Facebook more than I do websites.  It’s like having everything in one place!

What’s one piece of advice you would give your pre-baby self?

The world is not going to fall apart if the house is messy!

What’s the most useful / useless baby/kids item you have?

My son is a sponge and loves to learn, so we signed him up to reading eggs and he loves it!  Definitely worth the subscription!  https://readingeggs.com.au


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