Past Ep. 2 2015 - Bell Salan

Past Ep. 2 2015 - Bell Salan

Introduce yourself

Hi my name is Belinda Salan, I’m a wife and mother of three.  My daughters are 10,9 and 4.

Hubby (Ken) is a computer programmer and web developer.

As well as being a mother and trying to run a house hold, I run my own Small Group and Personal Training business.  OhSo Fit.

I grew up in a family that consisted of a Mum, Dad, two sisters and a brother.  We moved around a little bit as dad is a Reverend.

My Mum was a stay at home mum and I always thought I would be as well.

Explain your typical day

My day consists of:

5am start

5.30am leave home

7am back home, get kids up and ready to leave for school (hubby leaves as I get home).

8.20am Leave for school for 8.30am drop.

9.30am I would normally have a group session or PT..

Most days after that I spend going from PT to PT or doing house stuff, dinner prep, washing  and shopping.

I also have to get all my admin work done at some point.

3pm School pick up.

The afternoon is full of music, tutoring, dance and homework depending on the day.

4.45pm hubby arrives home (couldn’t do it without him) and I will either leave to go and work somewhere by 5.30pm or work out the back in my home studio.

Most days I’m done by 8pm, there are some days where it is more like 9pm.

Then it’s Dinner, Relaxing, shower and bed!

What are your go to hacks

Life hacks…….. Sometimes you should pay someone to do it…… washing, cleaning etc….

Don’t have a high expectation that you can do it all….. because you can’t.

Ask for help don’t assume that your partner knows you need it. Ask friends..

Take time out for yourself…… IF you don’t look after you , then how can you look after others.

How have children changed your world?

Having kids is nothing like I thought it would be. It changes everyone right? I can now pee in front of someone…… no shy bladder here anymore!

Go to recipe?

Best staple recipe, Ummmm always have eggs! Eggs and fresh veg etc…. Omelette taste great, its quick and easy and doesn’t break the bank.  I do have some quick easy recipes that I will share.

What book are you reading…..

I’m not. I did read a book on holidays but it was of the bookcase at my in laws farm but couldn’t tell you who wrote it. I was a murder mystery. I mostly read articles that others have written, related to my work. I shamelessly find most of these on facebook…

Two things I would like to improve and why?

I would like to have more confidence, Why? Well it helps when you have to sell yourself to people.

I would also like to be better organised when it comes to the kids and the things they have to do.


Facebook Page: @thebusymum
Facebook Group: @thebusymumgroup

Instagram: @thebusymum_podcast

Twitter: @thebusymum


Okay, busy mum! Let’s get real, I mean real real real (is that to many reals). I would lurve to get this podcast out there (in podcast land) so that other mums can learn from these conversations.  As you know, I am on iTunes and I would be forever grateful to get a review on iTunes and the more reviews I receive the more likely iTunes will reward this podcast with a better reach. Here is the iTunes link to help me with a review

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