Ep. 1 2018 - Allison Greenland

Ep. 1 2018 - Allison Greenland

The Busy Mum Podcast - Episode 1 with Allison Greenland from Leap into Literacy

In this podcast episode I chat with Allison Greenland. Allison is a friend of mine who has nearly finished her PHD in technology and education and has started a business, Leap into Literacy 3 years ago. We talk about her life, how she started the business and not to forget, Naplan which kids across the country have just completed.

Tell me a little about yourself?

Allison is married with 2 kids, a 4 year old and a 7 year old.  Allison started a business 3 years ago, call Leap into Literacy (LIL).  LIL combines reading comprehension and how to increase this in children with the use of technology.  There are no worksheets at the end of each session and the main aim is to increase kids confidence with reading and comprehension and also making it fun for the kids so that they want to continue that learning.


Homework and Naplan discussion at around 5m 30s

What does your typical day look like?

Each day is a little bit different.  The tasks are shared between Allison and her husband regarding the household chores and getting the children ready for school.  Most afternoon Allison teaches as well as all day Saturdays.  So, Sunday is their family day together.

Allison also has 2 Virtual Assistances to help her with running the business.

What’s the best advice you have received?

Allison’s grandmother told her not to marry someone who lives overseas.  Of course Allison ignored this advice as she is American and she married a New Zealander.

Allison is a part of a home exchange website (www.lovehomeswap.com) which helps them travel to wonderful places on a fraction of the cost.

What 1 area of your life would you like to improve?

Allison would love to have more room for family time, however as she is running a business she is kind of working 24/7.  Over time she hopes that will improve.

What is the one thing you do each day (like a hack) that makes your life run smoother?

Mornings are hectic, so having a partner that helps out is important and dividing the household roles and having designated days for certain tasks especially food prep.  Also have time each night to sit down together to relax.

What are you watching on Netflex at the moment?

Shameless eeek and also Stranger Things and waiting for Game of Thrones.

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