Ep. 5 2018 - Vanouhi Nazarian

Ep. 5 2018 - Vanouhi Nazarian

In this episode of The Busy Mum Podcast I speak with Vanouhi of Kindershare

Tell me a little about yourself

My name is Vanouhi – born in Sydney & lived my life here. My name is of but of Armenian background. I spent the first part of my working life working in Corporate Restructuring at PwC, then spent a few years at Mission Australia’s finance team. I decided to enrol at uni and started a masters in not for profit management while I was pregnant with my second daughter. During this time, I had an assignment – come up with a business idea and demonstrate you can make it work – and from there Kindershare was born.

I am the founder of Kindershare – we are like AirBnB for kids equipment. If you have kids equipment at home you’re not using, you can list it on our site for free and we will find parents who want to rent it from you. Kindershare covers your insurance and provides up to 75% of the replacement price If there are any issues with the rental and take a small commission on completed transactions. If you are travelling, or looking for items that you only need for short periods, then you can rent them from local families. Our best rented items are car seats, carry-on sized prams and plane cushions.

In my spare time, I also volunteer and apply my business skills at a number of small not for profit organisations in Sydney.

What does your typical day look like?

No such thing!

I try to exercise 2 mornings a week, try to work on Kindershare outside of home 3 days a week – usually at uni – so I have a chance to be around other people. I have classes 1 night a week and try to catch a tech industry event at least once a week. Tuesdays are usually spent hanging out with the girls and catching up on everything else that needs to be done! Saturdays are usually running from one kids’ event to the next – someone I know brilliantly called it “the amazing race” – and that’s perfect. We try to leave Sundays as family time. 

The best advice you have received

Just do it – There will always be an excuse about why now isn’t the best time, but do you want to look back in 5 years time and think ‘why didn’t I take that chance?’

What books are you currently reading OR Netflix / Stan shows

Very limited time for books unless they are university readings! Most of my reading is catching up on business and tech articles to see what is happening in those industries, or doing online courses to help improve my knowledge on specific items I want to know about. For example, I recently watched a video on understanding how Amazon works better. On TV its Billions as Homeland has just finished. My guilty pleasure (and is perfect in the background when replying to emails late at night) is the Kardashians.  

If you cook, what recipes can you share / meal prep tips

I am 100% a recipe cook only! My big hint is bulk prep – but not in the way those people on Instagram do it! My kids have about 10 dishes they love to eat, so one day a week, I will make up a batch of that item and freeze in portions – whether that’s pre=crumbing the schnitzel, or making a giant batch of Bolognese. Each morning you then just grab lunch and dinner out & you’re done.

What one area of your life would you like to improve?

Time with family – no matter what you do, that’s never enough!

What’s the one thing you do each day (like a hack) that makes your life run smoother?

Outsource! And understand that while a cleaner may seem like a luxury, the mental health benefits you get from no longer having to argue over whose turn it is to wash the bath room is worth more than any payment I could give – and as a friend once said – its cheaper than marriage counselling!

Quick Questions

What website have you signed up to that you actually find value in receiving their emails?

I’ll have to think about this one! I’m not sure there are many that I enjoy. The GDPR emails have reminded me that I have signed up to so many that I find completely useless!

I quite enjoy the articles on the Women’s agenda newsletter, and the random questions that come up in my daily Quora summary give my brain an opportunity to wander as well. 




What’s one piece of advice you would give your pre baby self

You will love your child. I was not someone who was into kids at all before we had them, and was quite concerned that it would also apply to my own kids! That and, ‘you are more patient that you realise!’

What’s the most useful / useless baby/kids item you have?

Useful – for sure my Babyzen Yoyo – I am an evangelist. We have 2 of them and rent the 2nd one out when we’re not on holidays. Our Lego collection is also fantastic – even the Duplo still comes out regularly for a play. A fantastic book was also 90 screen free ways of entertaining your kids – recipes for things like slime, foam, and oobleck which are great ways to keep the kids occupied for a while.

Useless? I’m not sure I had too many, other than stuffed toys. We donated so many to the Dandelion Network because we live in such a tiny house. Like any good business analyst, I spent a lot of time researching every thing I needed, creating a list of items I needed, then referring people to the list when they asked for gift ideas.


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