Ep. 12 2018 - Melanie De Gioia

Ep. 12 2018 - Melanie De Gioia

In this episode of The Busy Mum Podcast I speak with Melanie De Gioia of Fuga Veloce and Beer with an Engineer Podcast

Tell me a little about yourself

  • Mum of 3 under 8
  • Project Consultant by trade
  • I'm the CEO of FV - which has become my new obsession for the past 12 months
  • Starting a Podcast called Beer with An Engineer
  • Currently studying with Business School for Mums (https://www.businessschoolformums.com/)
  • Just started the process to knock down our house.

What does your typical day look like?

The week is split into 3 types of days…. 3x Work days, 2x Week days, 2x Weekend days.

The best advice you have received

I don't know who gave this to me (think I probably read it somewhere), but the awareness that you will evolve as a human

Fred Orr - How to pass exams

What books are you currently reading OR Netflix / Stan shows

Sorry I'm pretty boring. We don't have a Netflix account as we binge watched the entire West Wing series and lost a lot of time.

I am a huge romance reader, but haven't managed a book in a few months. Because I tend to want to keep reading until all hours of the night and I wasn't getting enough sleep

If you cook, what recipes can you share / meal prep tips

I am not an inspired chef. I must have a recipe that I follow to the letter. I did Weight Watchers in my 20s to learn how to cook...

I remember calling mum on the phone from the supermarket asking "where would I find garlic" and "if I was garlic, what would I look like".  I created a Gantt chart the first time I ever cooked a roast – mum explained it to me over the phone and I had to translate it into a project plan/Gantt chart to understand all the timings!

Then I discovered Michelle Bridges and I love her recipes.

What 1 area of your life would you like to improve

  • I would like to eat better - recovering chocoholic
  • I would like to be fitter/leaner

What's the one thing you do each day (like a hack) that makes your life run smoother?

  • Set & forget processes in my life:
  1.     my clothes,
  2.     the towels system,
  3.     putting things in diary
  4.     Meal plan
  5.     Shared calendar
  6.     Action or plan things immediately
  7.     OneNote

Quick Questions

What website have you signed up to that you actually find value in receiving their emails?

Pat Flynn – podcast expert

What’s one piece of advice you would give your pre baby self

Keep your bloody mouth shut - my first baby was an anomaly, but I didn't realise that until #2 & #3 came along!

What’s the most useful / useless baby/kids item you have?

  • Useful: Cloth nappies.
  • Useless: posh baby clothes
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