Ep. 13 2018 - Chantel Ferguson

Ep. 13 2018 - Chantel Ferguson

In todays episode I speak with Chantel Ferguson of Change your mind movement. Chantel is a hypnotherapist and a psychotherapist

A little bit about Chantel

Chantel is a mum of two and a wife.  She also owns and runs two businesses.  The first is called Change your mind movement which uses techniques to help children and teens change the way they think and speak with themselves and build confidence. 


The other business assists adults and offers the following services:

  • Strategic Psychotherapist

  • Clinical Therapist

  • Mindfulness & Wellbeing

  • NLP Practitioner

  • CBT

  • Time Based Therapist.


What Website have you signed up for that you actually find valuable?

I find Vista Print valuable, any website that provides you with a service that works for you I can see value in. I like them because they make my life easier and save me time and often money.

I tend not to sign up for many websites unless they offer me something that enhances my busy life.

Advice to Pre-Baby Self

The road isn't going to be smooth, make time to recharge and care for yourself along the way.

Do it from the start so self-care and self-compassion become innate not impossible.

I would also tell myself to follow your instincts and to understand that I’m also not expected to get everything right.

Baby Items

The most useful baby item you could get is family support and baby-sitting, you don't need anything more than support and a break. It takes a village!

The most useless would be the Diaper Genie, you quickly learn that it’s just as quick and even more effective to save the cash and DIY. 

Meal Tips

Pack yourself a lunchbox every day when you make the kids lunches!!

What area of my life would I like to improve

I would like to improve my physical health and strength.

Life Hack

Write a list and ask for help when you need it. When you write things down you empty them from the worries of your mind and it can begin to relax. People love to help!

It shows your friends and families you trust and support each other. It can build bonds as long as its an equal playing field.


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