Ep. 6 2018 - Alison Rentoul

Ep. 6 2018 - Alison Rentoul

In this episode I speak with Alison Rentoul of Aquamarine Home

A little bit about Alison

Alison is a very interesting lady and I enjoyed speaking with her.  She has lived abroad for 25 years in London and the South of France where she worked in the interiors of megayachts and in fancy homes of billionaires. During this time she gained a strong appreciation for modern coastal interior styling as their homes and yachts were always deliciously styled. This is where her passion for interior design, specifically the coastal niche of interior design was born, as well as a passion for the sea and marine protection. In 2017 she returned home to Melbourne and started an ethical and sustainable homewares business called Aquamarine Home.

You can read more about Alison on her website as well as checking out her beautiful interior styling accessories and homewares here:

How did Alison get into business

After 10 years working in yachting, and seeing that the yachting industry really had no proper training in leadership, Allison’s first business was all about training yacht Captains in leadership and how to manage their staff, as well as team performance training and career coaching for luxury yacht crew. Fast forward to now, her passion for interiors and sustainability has won over and just over six months ago, she started www.aquamarinehome.com. Alison sources beautiful pieces from suppliers with ethical and sustainable backgrounds from all over the world to sell in Aquamarine’s online store. 

Book Recommendations

As part of Alison’s business, in addition to sourcing ethical and sustainable products she also pays each purchase forward via global giving organisation, Buy One Give One - www.b1g1.com. The founder of B1G1, Japanese Masami Sato, has written some highly commended books about the power of business to create good in the world:

Giving Business
Joy – the gift of acceptance trust and love
One – Sharing the Joy of giving


Every product in Aquamarine’s store is linked to a giving project and you can read more about this here:


Being a Carer

Although Alison and her husband were already planning a return to Australia in 2017, both as a lifestyle change and to spend more time with her ageing parents, this was brought forward when Alison’s father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in January last year. Alison’s mum has Parkinson’s disease, meaning Alison needed to immediately take over as her mum’s full time carer. Now they have settled in to a new life and a new home which she and her husband share with Alison’s mum, Alison mentions in the interview that Australia has a fantastic carers program, where a qualified carer comes in to your home each day to help with the daily duties of caring for her mum (bathing, clothing etc). This allows some respite from her caring duties and enables Alison to still enjoy a Mother Daughter relationship rather than just a carer relationship.




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