Ep. 15 & 16 2018 - Abbey Adamson

Ep. 15 & 16 2018 - Abbey Adamson

In this episode I speak with Abbey Adamson of Sage & Luna Baby Bags

Tell me a little about yourself

I'm a fashion addict, a fearless feminist, and I have a determination to do good in this world. I'm also a wife to a very handsome husband and a mother to 3 kids and 2 naughty pug dogs. 

Abbey's business is Sage & Luna 


What does your typical day look like?

It's a chaotic combination of working and childcare while trying to find some time to complete all of life’s admin and get to the gym.

We have a live in nanny (au pair) so I try to structure my day to have some time in the middle of the day with the kids, which also means that she gets a break! We will go for a walk, pop to the shops or just hang out at home.

I'm trying to get back into regularly working out, and have joined f45 which I love. I'm still struggling to fit it all in though, and I do find the gym is the first thing to go when things get messy. I need to start going to the 6am class, but when you're getting broken sleep with young kids, it is a total struggle!

The best advice you have received?

The best piece of business advice I ever received was 'Profits before growth'.  I was given this piece of advice very early on in my business journey and it is something I have in the forefront of my mind when making decisions. It has so many applications! While growth is absolutely important, it is only important if that growth results in profit. a simple example would be an instagram giveaway with other brands or influencers. They may have to follow your profile to enter, and your follower number will grow, but if they're not your target market, they're unlikely to buy a product or service off you, so what is the point? 

It applies to the operational side of the business as well, particularity when economies of scale come into it. We don't do anything if "we just need to hit x in order to see a profit". 

In fact, there has only been a couple of times I haven't heeded this advice, and it's hasn't worked in our favour! 

The best piece of personal advice I have ever received was when I had twins, and I was told to keep the babies on the same schedule. So if one baby woke up to feed, I would feed the other one at the same time. It was a total lifesaver in those first few months, when sleeping for longer than 1 hour at a time was a rarity. 

What books or Netflix are you reading / watching?

I'm terrible but I haven't read a book in years. I seem to fall asleep whenever I open one. I was a huge reader when I was at school, so I am often trying to get back into it, but within a few minutes I am out like a light. 

My husband and I watch a lot of detective shows, like most people I think! We just finished watching season 2 of Marcella which was pretty fab. For a different flavour we loved Chefs Table. Definitely worth watching. I really enjoyed finding out about the chemistry behind some really amazing dishes. It just wasn't something I had paid attention to beforehand and it was really interesting!

If you cook, what recipes can you share / meal prep tips

I cook a lot. I feel like I am never out of the kitchen to be honest.  I try to hide as many veggies in my cooking as I possibly can because kids... which usually means we end up eating pasta cause I can hide the veggies in the sauce. 

I made some banana muffins once, and put a whole bag of pureed spinach in them. They were green, so I called them 'Monster Muffins' and honestly, they tasted exactly like a normal banana muffin. Do you think my kids would eat them? Nada. They didn't even know the spinach was in them! They have a 6th sense for sure. 

I try to do as much cooking as I can over the weekend so that I have snacks and meals for as during the week. This means it's harder for us to just order ubereats which can very quickly become a habit. 

I also only make one meal for the whole family to eat. Sometimes there are slight variations, ie, I take some food out for the children before I add chilli, or a sauce I know they won't like, but we all eat the same meal together at the table. Life is so busy and there are so many things that we need to do, all of us, the kids included, so it's so nice that for half an hour every night we are all sat at the table, eating together. Some nights are awful- the kids won't eat their dinner, they keep getting up and down from the table and won't do what they're told and it just seems pointless that we insist on the family time, but then there are other nights when we all chat about our days and laugh and enjoy each other, which makes it all worth it... just!

What one area of your life would you like to improve

Oh my gosh... I think a better question would be what area of your life are you content with? Because I feel like I want/need to improve almost all areas of my life! 

If I had to pick one, it would be making more time to spend with my husband. My relationship with him is my most important relationship but it is the one that gets the least attention at the moment. Luckily our relationship comes very naturally but it's my time with him I enjoy the most, so I need to prioritise this. 

Whats the one thing you do each day (like a hack) that makes your life run smoother. 

I don't think I have one!! Maybe that's what I need to do to improve! Does anyone have a complete life hack??

Quick Questions

What websites do you use the most? 

Canva. I use canva for my business a couple of times a day.

Obvs google too... This is for googling recipes. I good different recipes every day. So crazy to think I do this given I never really enjoyed cooking prekids. 

What is one piece of advice you would give your pre-baby self?

Life gets very serious very quickly when you have children so don't rush and just enjoy yourself. Also, you are a total frikken babe. Get that bod out and be confident because you won't have it forever and you will regret not wearing midrifts when you could.

What's the most useful thing you have purchased to use with your babies?

Well, excluding my Sage&Luna baby bag *wink wink* definitely love to dream swaddles. Life saver with my twins. 


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