Ep. 25 2018 - Amy Bajada

Ep. 25 2018 - Amy Bajada

In this episode I speak with Amy Bajada.  Amy is a qualified CPA and provides big business solutions to small businesses.

Tell me about yourself

I’m 42 years old.  A mum to a beautiful 6 year old boy and an amazing 12 year old step daughter.  A CPA by trade, 7 years ago I moved from the corporate world into small business.  As a Director of Possibilities, I set out to provide big business support to small business owners.  Armed with some amazing corporate experiences I just knew that my business model and premise was going to hit the mark.  And that it did!  My on the 6 month mark of launching an amazing business, I was informed (unexpectedly) that I was expecting my son.  So that presented a new challenge in itself … but has been an amazing ride. Juggling is something I can now add to my repertoire of skills. Throw in an infant stroke and diagnosis of autism, life keeps me on my toes!  But wouldn’t change trade it for any other … love my little family.  I too love walks and love me some AFL (Carlton the team of choice).

Facebook : @AmyBajadaDIrectorofPossibilities

Website : www.amybajada.com.au

Describe for us, a day in the life of you.  Do you have any tips or life hacks?

My day always starts at around 5am (even weekends), it’s the moment before the noise of the day that I utilize to plan the rest of the moments the day is faced with.

Weekdays bring with them the school run  … of which the 5am starts allow me the space to ensure that any of the random volatile moments that are present in every day can be managed.  So I set about to juggle all things from my son’s sensory issues to extreme anxiety sessions daily.

Once the school drop has been done, my work day starts.  Anything from scheduled coaching calls, one-on-one sessions, networking events, and working on my own business growth strategies with my assistant.  All timed perfectly to ensure that I am back in the direction of my son’s school at the perfect moment, for school pick up.

Then I’m mum again!  Home for a warm shower to assist with calming my son after a tough day.  This provides him with the sensory calm he seeks to be able to cope with the next stages of the evening.  Preparing dinner, readers, spelling, building anything from cardboard to satisfy my son’s curiosity to learn new things, a session on a PS4 game to reward the efforts of the day.  Sit down to dinner, which at times can consist of preparing at minimum of 4 different choices for my son only to have him reject even the things he loved the day before.  Bed time … co-sleeping due to night terrors suffered by my son. 

Once settled, at times, my work day reconvenes.  I have international clients with which after hours suits.  So back to coaching calls.

Once a week, I teach at a music and entertainment academy to students wanting to learn the fundamentals of running their own business. Other afternoons we have therapist appointments, group sessions, hospital appointments etc.

A tip : Stay focused on the moment you have committed to.  If you are in mum mode, be all in.  If in work mode … stay in that moment.  It not only ensures sanity is in check, it increases efficiencies.

What was the best advice you have received?

Best advice : to have something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

What books are you currently reading or do you have a fave Netflix or Stan show?

I wish I had time for reading … at the moment my reading extends to podcasts … of which my favourite is “What you will learn” a series of podcasts that break down random business books on the market and at times even interview the author.

Netflix : Just started “Younger” … jury still out on that

Stan : I was enjoying the Will and Grace revival, but that seems short lived as they’ve only released the 1 extra season … hoping for more.

If you cook, what recipes can you share or meal prep tips?

Fav go-to recipes : chicken and mushroom risotto (done solely with a rice cooker – not the traditional method) … it saves time and dishes.  And produces a lovely risotto.

Other go-to … is a chicken from our local chicken shop, but I make an accompanying salad and sides.  Easy when I’m time poor and is a family favourite.

And finally, home made pizzas.  We can get creative with the kids, it allows us to cater to everyones needs whilst still have essentially the same meal type (which makes for a nice change at times. )

What one area of your life would you like to improve?

I love my life … but would love to be able to travel more.  Before kids, travel was my thing.  Now change of environment, let alone country, proves quite challenging for us at this stage as a family.  But we are getting there … slowly.

Do you have a daily hack to make your smooth?

Definitely the visuals I produced for my son … he knows what he needs to achieve on any given day, what his days look like … and making sure his day is in order (relatively) the days tend to generally run a lot smoother.

Quick Questions

What website have you signed up to that you actually find value in receiving their emails

I try not to subscribe to websites but rather bookmark them for reference.  I build into my business schedule to make a point of touching base with the website and it’s content at least weekly.  These websites cover topics such as tax / business changes, digital marketing tips and hints  and news sites.

What’s one piece of advice you would give your pre baby self

Take a deep breath, because whilst it may feel like your heart is being ripped out of your chest, your love and commitment to this beautiful gift, saves you every single time.

What’s the most useful / useless baby item you have?

Useful (had) : electronic thermometer / bottle

Useless (had) : the Bugaboo Pram … looked good / not practical at all!



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