Ep. 22 2018 - Michelle Vogrinec

Ep. 22 2018 - Michelle Vogrinec

In this episode of the busy mum podcast I speak with Michelle Vogrinec of Gaia. 

Tell me about yourself.

I am 45, a mum of three boys, (four if you count my husband!) and two dogs.  I live in organised chaos and that is ok!  We are a big sporting household. All my boys play soccer and we are active volunteers at our soccer club.  I took up soccer at the age of 40 and played for a few seasons, which was fun.  Actually, if I didn’t like soccer I don’t think Simon would have married me!

My roll at GAIA has changed over the last 18 months where I am doing more work “on” the business at GAIA rather than in it as well as supporting the marketing team and organizing and attending all the expos.  I am also studying - a double diploma of social media marketing and graphic design… hmm, study they said… it will be fun they said… ha! It is it is challenging but I am enjoying it. 


And in my huhum “spare” time, I do a full contact karate, which I adore.  I love being in nature and can be often be found wandering around or in a café the Dandenong Ranges!

Describe for us, a day in the life of you.  Do you have any tips or life hacks?

My day starts at 6:30am with a 20 minute meditation session, followed by getting my boys ready for school and playing domestic goddess for a bit – clean and tidy, put on washing, do banking and the important one - check my diary and ensure I haven’t missed anything!  I check my emails and action anything that needs to be actioned, make any necessary phone calls then either go to the office or study.  I usually start by calling my study-buddy Bridgette.  We co-ordinate where we are up to and make a rough plan. Then I study and study and study, take a break for lunch, put more washing on, check emails again and go outside for some fresh air, then back to the books or if at the office, attend meetings and work through ‘stuff’.  There is a PT session in there a couple of times a week and I sleep between 3-4pm daily - I am just more productive when that happens. My boys come home from school, we chat about their day and I start preparing dinner.  I will either dropping my boys to soccer or go off to karate.  By the time I get home and jump into bed, it’s about 10:30pm, and I fall asleep pretty quickly!  But I do have a habit of waking up around 3am with my brain going tick tick, if I can’t go back to sleep, I check my emails / write down things to action and get it off my mind and then go back to sleep.

My tips / life hacks – There are a few things that are not negotiable for me – meditation and looking after my health, which includes exercise. Meditation and exercise keep me sane!  Always take care of your health – it is what keeps you going and supports your physical demands and mentally.  Self-care is not selfish – have the massage, take time out, do the things that give you a break to recharge. Never sacrifice the things that contribute to maintaining good health for your bod and your mind.

What was the best advice you have received?

There are two pieces of advice that really made me think.  The first is that life is complex and hard and it will always present challenges, they just differ, depending on where you need to grow and where you are at in life, and the challenges are different from the day you are born until the day you die.  I always thought that life as an adult would just somehow be easier.  I know it sounds so simple, but once I realized that there will always be something for me to work through, it made it easier to deal with the ‘shit’ stuff that came along.

I was sent a video by a friend, which instigated change in me immediately after watching it. 


Life is a journey without a destination.  We spend so much time waiting for the next big thing to arrive, being told ‘something is coming’ in grade 1, you get told our in grade 2 next year, when your 17, you get told when you are 18, when you finish school you will need to get a job, when you get a job you will need to buy a house, when you retire, “when you“ there is always something coming and one day you wake up and realise that you never really ‘get there’, because there isn’t a destination.  You listen to music to hear the song, not the ending.

What books are you currently reading or do you have a fave Netflix or Stan show?

I read, a lot, I am currently reading ‘Ikigai, The Japanese Secret To A Long and Happy Life… I also listen to audiobooks and I have just discovered podcasts – how cool are they!  The audiobooks I have finished recently are “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”, “Peaceful Warrior” and “The book of Five Rings” and I am about to start “Finding Flow… The Psychology of Engaging With Everyday Life”

I also draw… I find it very calming and meditative.

I don’t actually watch TV so I have no idea what is on it and I have only had a Netflix binge twice – Suits and Blacklist.  I do occasionally watch a movie with my boys.

If you cook, what recipes can you share or meal prep tips?

I am not the world’s best cook! I eat clean so all my meals consist of healthy, fresh food.  If there has no nutritional content for my bod, it doesn’t go into my mouth! I function so much better when I am healthy and I really notice it if I fall of my clean eating wagon… I feel like crap and are less productive in general!

What one area of your life would you like to improve?

That is a really tough question… not one I can answers simply.  I always strive to be the best version of myself so there is always something that I am working to improve upon.

What’s your greatest fear and how do you deal with it?

One of my greatest fears was losing my teeth! How do I deal with it – by taking good care of my teeth – they are link to your overall health so important to look after but today I had to face my fear and had a tooth removed… it really affected me, I feel like a part of me is missing, kind of felt like I had failed my mouth... weird I know… not sure why I am so afraid of losing my teeth!

Quick Questions

What website have you signed up to that you actually find value in receiving their emails

Iphone Photography School – it gives me tips and hints on how to use the camera on my phone to create imagery.  It has been great.  I am sure there are others but I just can’t think of them off the top of my head.

What’s one piece of advice you would give your pre baby self

You are not the same person you were before your baby is born so you will not be able to process emotionally the same.  I had a lot of ‘I will deal with that after the baby is born’ moments, as I a am sure a lot of people do.  But you are not the same, you can’t deal with it the same, you are a whole new person and everything changes, including your thinking so don’t expect to behave or think the same as you were before having a baby.

What’s the most useful / useless baby item you had?

Useful - Hammock

Useless - Cot Rockers


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