Ep. 24 2019 - Lee McCaffrey Krupa - Business Owner & Creative

Ep. 24 2019 - Lee McCaffrey Krupa - Business Owner & Creative

In todays episode of the busy mum podcast I speak with the lovely Lee McCaffrey. We talk about all her businesses, working with her husband and her book.

Tell a little about you, your business (what do you specialize in and how people can contact you) and how you got started?

I am also 38 with two kids! I have a daughter who is 7 and a son who is 3. My husband and I work together in three of our businesses. The forth is just mine. I’m an author and I released my first business book mid last year. I am also very active in our school P&C and in the community.

In between Christmas and New Year I broke my right ankle and had surgery. So, I’ve been in bed for the last eight weeks. (I’ve just gotten back to life really last week) My husband has had to take over a lot of my ‘Mum’ duties because I couldn’t walk or drive, but it’s things like this that make us grateful for the businesses we have and why we worked so hard to set them up this way.

During the time I was stuck ‘in bed’ I created and launched an e-magazine for my local Chamber of Commerce, it’s a monthly mag and I am the editor also, as well as running our day to day business stuff.

Our businesses are:

Kaleidoscope Systems – I am the Director. It’s a custom software development business. We design and manage small custom software and app development jobs for third party businesses. https://kaleidoscope.systems/

Lasso – I am the CEO. Basically we have one main product which is an off the shelf business software solution that was written by us. It’s currently going through a massive refurb/re-brand and getting ready to relaunch mid-year. http://lassobms.com/

Mac & Co Creative – Is what I call my ‘love business’ – It’s a graphic design and content writing agency, although it’s more advisory and consulting these days. I pick and choose the clients https://www.macandco.com.au/

PC Wrangler – Which is the first businesses my husband and I started together. It’s a mobile IT business that we now contract out to a local network of IT guys.


Business stuff in addition to our businesses…

Smallville - I write weekly for small business website Smallville.


Northern Voice - I am the creative director and editor for Northern Voice, which is a new emag for our local chamber of commerce. This one is really exciting because I pretty much got free range to build this from scratch design and content wise. We are putting together our second issue currently


My Book - I also released a book last year called Once Upon a Time in Small Business.


I think that’s about it…

Do you use any apps in business that you can’t live without?

Apps – can’t live without Slack and Meistertask

That said I am very much a pen and paper person (I couldn’t live without my Family Chaos Planner https://writetome.com.au/products/2019-moc-family-chaos-planner or my diary)


What do you specialize in, let’s go deep into that?

HAHA oh wow…At this point I think I specialize in business in generally and living life by my own design. You name it, we’ve been through it!!

And I love telling stories and helping other people tell their story. I love it when someone tells me they would love to write but can’t because the conversation usually ends with them walking away with a content plan and draft blog, article or story!

Where do you go to get your business information and why?

Hmm, I read just about everything, business books and blogs, but I am very careful about who I listen and what I take in. There are a LOT of people out there with bad information.

Generally, I find sites like Smallville, Flying Solo are great because you can get a lot of information and support out of hearing someone else tell their story. I also love Andrew Griffiths books. I’ve just started getting into Podcasts too.

What one area of your business you would like to improve and why and how do you propose to do this?

This year our goal is be less ‘busy’ and we’re doing that by transitioning our focus to on rather than in. Oh and I’m really bad at marketing myself! So this year I am outsourcing a lot of our marketing. Our current social media presence is appalling!

Some Fun Quick Questions

What do you prefer and why?

1. Vampire or Ware-wolf?


2. Netflix or Stan?


3. Product based business or Service based business

They both have their advantages and disadvantages. I’d probably say service though.

Website: https://www.leemccaffrey.com/

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/MacandCoCreative/


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Facebook Page: @thebusymum

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Instagram: @thebusymum_podcast

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