Ep. 27 2019 - Jayne Robbins - Buyers Agent (Brisbane area)

Ep. 27 2019 - Jayne Robbins - Buyers Agent (Brisbane area)

In todays episode of the busy mum podcast I speak with Jayne about her business being a buyers agent and how she started, what she specializes in. We also talk about how she manages to work while still having 3 children and being a good wife.

Tell a little about you, your business (what do you specialize in and how people can contact you) and how you got started?

Hi there I am Jayne I am a buyer’s agent here in Brisbane.  I am a mum to three kids (4 yo girl, 5 yo boy, 7 yo boy) and a 6 month old puppy so our household is definitely a busy one.  My husband works long hours sometimes travelling so I need to be CEO of the household and family admin.  I am an ex accountant who used to work in the corporate world before kids.  Since having kids I decided to go down a path and start my own business.  I had always loved property and decided after purchasing our last family home that there was so much support for people selling their home but no one helping buyers.  I got the idea originally after seeing a job advertised for a buyer’s agent, at the time I had 3 kids under 4 years old so it seemed like a stretch but it definitely planted the seed of doing something I loved.  What do I do when I am not working- there is a lot of coffee, chats with friends, driving the kids around or bomb diving in the pool.  I try to keep a positive mindset through heading to the gym or going for a walk.  My children love to be outside so we have pretty much been to most parks around Brisbane and I try to ensure I have been to most coffee shops.  I love living here and I just think it has the perfect balance of things for a family.  We love to do family walks, scooters on the weekend to different places and get out and about.


Do you use any apps in business that you can’t live without? 

The apps I use are so standard I am not even sure they are worth mentioning- google analytics, continual (to cut videos into 15sec stories), social media accountants and my most used is realestate.com- I also use the compass on my phone all the time as that is important when searching for homes.

I would say I have a number of processes I use to get through my week.  Weekly planning on a Sunday ( I don’t believe in a set daily plan how does anyone with a family have a daily routine).  Each Sunday I plan out what needs to be done in the coming week, work time to achieve what I want to, mum duties at school volunteering/after school sports etc, exercise time to keep happy, dates with hubby and then all of the other fun things like groceries, washing and homework.  I plan it out and stick to that plan so when I feel like I am doing too much work I can say it’s all good the other things will get done later.  It also helps over school holidays etc to be flexible.  Trust me there is definitely a plan but it doesn’t mean things don’t happen.

I also started my business at a time when time was becoming available (ie kids were growing up and I wanted something else) and I could use it wisely but I knew in coming years I would have more time.  At the moment I have a limit to the number of clients I would take on at once because my priority will always be client journey.  I know these are big decisions in people’s lives around property not just financially but also emotionally and I am there to support them no matter how long it takes or how many homes I need to inspect to find the perfect one.  I have scalability ideas for my business in future and how I would expand things when the time is right.


What do you specialize in, let’s go deep into that?

I specialize in helping families find and buy their ideal home, both local and relocating families.  I love to understand a families lifestyle now and in the future and work out the perfect layout and how they would live day to day.  Some buyer’s agents focus more on investment properties but I love the emotion of the journey with owner occupiers.  I love sharing my knowledge and making their experience buying a home a great one.  I source homes off market and on market, conduct first inspections and provide them with all the information they need to make sure its exactly what they want.  They don’t need to deal with sales agents and I provide price guides and location information.  Two key areas I seem to always be focused on are school catchment zones and commute times to work- I think they are huge impacts on family life and if you research cities around the world these two things are huge drivers of property prices.

I also think for those unfamiliar with Brisbane suburbs that I can provide them a huge insight into different options at different budgets.  This ensures people aren’t looking and wasting time on their weekends looking at options they can’t afford. 

I know there is loads of information online these days on price guides etc but I do think that purchasing a home is very lop sided and in favour of the seller as essentially the agent at the home is contracted to get the seller the best price for their home.  Buyer’s quite often take advice from this agent on price, market conditions and steps to take to secure the home because there is no one else their to support them.  The majority of people also don’t buy homes often so maybe 3 or 4 in a lifetime so when it comes down to it you will often be talking to an agent that sold 3 or 4 homes in the last week or month so experience is not on the buyers side when you think about it. 

People do want advice though in the buying process that is why quite often you will see first home buyers accompanied by their parents and also someone bringing their builder mate along or you call your friends in the area to find out about the schools.  Australians love property (ok not as much as me) but think about how often it comes up in conversations at bbq’s around who’s renovating or buying, look around the coffee shop on a Saturday and people a flipping through the real estate section of the newspaper. 

Where do you go to get your business information and why?

·       Friends with small businesses we discuss openly what is working what is not and brainstorm ideas for others over coffee.

·       My husband is also great and can tell me when I am on the right track or getting side tracked on things.  He has been a huge supporter of mine and was the one that told me to go for it.

·       I attend loads of workshops in different industries normally creative one around marketing, mindset, voice coaches, social media.

·       I listen to loads of podcasts when doing dishes, cleaning the house I think there is so much information out there for free.

·       I am also part of a training program and ongoing webinars specifically for buyer’s agent around Australia and from there I have others in the course that we learn from and are encouraged to ask for help from.  This has also provided me a mentor who I can reach out to when I need for advice on specific things.


What one area of your business you would like to improve and why and how do you propose to do this?

It’s definitely time for me to introduce more standard processes to my business at the moment my CRM needs time, my social media needs consistency and confidence.  There is so much in small business to do and be across SEO, social media, email marketing, networking, workshops.  My business has really started to grow so now while I have clients to look after I need to make sure I am still improving on back of house operations. 

Again it comes back to simple ideas of chunking out times in my week to focus on that.  I know there are still efficiencies to gain, I spend too much time on my phone looking at the latest listings or social media and I know I could be spending my time more wisely.


Some Fun Quick Questions

What do you prefer and why?

1.     Vampire or Ware-wolf?  Sorry neither.

2.     Netflix or Stan? Probably Netflix as I think that’s what my kids watch more of.

3.     Product based business or Service based business? Service for sure

4.     Coffee or wine?  Coffee

5.     Sand or Snow holidays?  Sand for sure


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