Ep. 31 2019 Cindy Donald - Founder of Tildon Training

Ep. 31 2019 Cindy Donald - Founder of Tildon Training

In this weeks episode, I speak Cindy Donald of Tildon Training. Cindy has a truck load of experience in business (owning and operating several in her working life), training managers to be able to effectively manage people if they haven’t done it before. Cindy also does brain training and she helps you optimise your brain.

Tell a little about you, your business (what do you specialize in and how people can contact you) and how you got started?

I am a 48 year old mother of two (aged 22 and 24), married to Ian for 26 years (we met and married within 5 months of meeting – he was sitting in a tree in his underpants and one look at him and I knew he was the one for me!!) I was born in South Africa and immigrated to Australia 11 years ago (best decision ever!!)

I hold a Bachelor of Training and Development, a Diploma of Hospitality Operations, a Diploma of Management and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. I am a Belbin’s Team Roles Accredited Facilitator and a Neuroptimal Certified Basic Trainer. I am also an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders and the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

I started my first business, a food franchise, with Ian, at age 24. Not only was the new business in a new city 1000km’s south of my hometown, I was also six months pregnant with my first child! Hours after my son was born via emergency caesarean, I was checking stock take reports and banking reconciliations from my hospital bed. Talk about a baptism by fire!

Over a period of 20 years, I have owned and operated a restaurant, an interior design store and workshop, a boutique hotel, an office stationery store, a RTO specialising in earlychildhood, with a focus on leadership development within centres, and now Tildon Training.

Interspersed with these businesses have been some amazing positions from a children’s drama teacher to a P&C operations manager to a facilitator and coach for local councils, among others.

I started Tildon Training after leaving an awesome job because I could not work within a toxic culture – I was spending my days teaching others how to create an engaging and positive culture in their workplaces and then walking into a toxic culture in the office – I felt like a hypocrite and didn’t feel authentic. I am at an age where I want to make a difference and contribute to society in a meaningful way – Tildon does that through facilitating workshops and offering neurofeedback in order to give hope to families struggling with ADHD, anxiety and PTSD etc.

I am currently launching an online Personal Leadership course (started in May 2019), which is an 8 week course, consisting of one hour per week. We will be covering communication, self-awareness, difficult conversations etc. https://www.megburrage.com/personal-leadership

Website: www.tildon.com.au

Do you use any apps in business that you can’t live without?

My calendar! I use Outlook’s calendar which syncs with my neurofeedback session calendar – I use “You Can Book Me” (https://youcanbook.me/) – it’s free and has what I need for a small business. I can access it on my phone and I even print it out each week so I have a visual at the start of each week, with everything colour coded. I also use “Notes” on my iPhone if I’m out and about and an idea or thought comes to me – have to trap those as they happen otherwise I forget them!

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What do you specialize in? let’s go deep into that…

My business has two parts but they are complimentary of each other. Firstly, I specialise in leadership training and also team development. I prefer working with small business owners and emerging leaders – my training focuses on real tools to develop real skills. I find that not everyone is ready to make changes in their behaviours and I am pretty good at reading people and knowing when to call them out and when to give them time to come around. I am not a “talk and chalk” trainer – I prefer to be more interactive and have lots of feedback and participation. I also believe that change occurs after workshops/learning so I like to offer coaching after training to ensure participants are accountable for the goals they set.

The other part of my business, is neurofeedback training using Neuroptimal. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD in 2007 and she hated the medication and the side-effects. I searched for a non-invasive alternative method of treating her and through lots of reading discovered Neuroptimal. I became a certified trainer last year and see clients at my home. We don’t give our brain as much love as we should and considering it is our body’s driver we really should.

Knowing how it helped Kate and knowing I could help others I wanted in. I find neuroscience fascinating and through my leadership training over the years we have seen the neuroscience of leadership coming to the forefront.

Where do you go to get your business information and why?

I network a lot and just talk to people. I am passionate about what I do so most people respond to that. I ask questions of people I meet about their challenges in the workplace or with their mental health to find out what is going on out there. I read a lot, especially new findings in leadership and neuroscience. I cannot assist people with their challenges if I don’t know what they are – I am constantly evolving my training material to include new information, strategies or activities.

What one area of your business you would like to improve and why and how do you propose to do this?

Like a lot of women I struggle to value my knowledge and experience – it is a constant battle to value what I offer and “sell” myself accordingly. I do not enjoy having to find clients – just send them to me or put me in front a group of people and I am in my element!

Some Fun Quick Questions

What do you prefer and why?

1. Vampire or Ware-wolf?

Werewolf – at least they look like a lovely animal before they rip your head off!

2. Netflix or Stan?

Netflix – just because that was the first one I got and if I get another streaming service I will never get any work done!

3. Product based business or Service based business

I have a service based business and I have had product based businesses in the past – each have their own rewards and challenges so I can’t choose – soz!

Website: www.tildon.com.au

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/tildontraining/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tildon_training/


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